Past Participant Testimonials

Check out testimonials from past campers!

“Going into GLAM camp, I had no idea what Materials Science was or why it was important. This camp gave me the opportunity to learn about a new type of engineering that I would likely have not been exposed to or interested in without getting the opportunity to do so many fun activities and projects in this field through GLAM. Materials Science and Engineering is now my college major!”– Lauren

“GLAM camp was my first experience visiting a college campus, and played a major role in where I am today. At camp, I met many girls passionate about STEM, just like me! It was incredibly empowering. Years later, I’m now a UIUC student studying environmental sustainability, and I spent part of this past summer as a camp counselor for GAMES, in an effort to give back to the program that made such a positive impact on my life.”– April

“GLAM camp is the reason I chose to major in Materials Science and Engineering at UIUC! I learned so much about what it is to be an engineer in MatSE, and how applicable the field is to so many areas of life, such as in medicine or electronics. My two favorite aspects of the camp, especially, were the engaging experiments and projects we were able to work on throughout the week, as well as touring the labs around campus while learning about the fascinating research that goes on in Materials Science. Overall, GLAM camp was instrumental in helping to shape my future goals as an engineering student!”– Andrea