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Our summer camp structure comes from years of feedback and continual modification. It is unique in that in incorporates three things:

  1. A centralized theme to connect the entire week’s activities
  2. A design project woven throughout the week to encourage implementation of new skills/topics learned
  3. Individual modules covering a wide range of topics to peak interests within a broad audience

The central theme utilizes the Materials Science Tetrahedron, shown below. By connecting various activities to these four central concepts, students can begin to form their own picture about the field of materials science as a whole.

A breakdown of which modules address the different vertices of the tetrahedron can be found in our Modules tab and details about the Design project can be found in our Design Project tab.

This site will serve as a way for us to share our modules, handouts, lectures, and other materials used for this camp. Please check back to see the new resources we have added!

We do ask that, if you use or modify any of our activities, that you give credit to GLAM camp. If you use the modules, we would love to hear your experiences. Feel free to contact us at or through our contact tab.

The details of this motivations behind these choices can be found in our ASEE publication.

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