Stand Alone Activity Handouts

These handouts are to be used for short demonstrations or in-class activities. Many of these activities fit within other modules (see individual module tabs for more information).

Short Hands-on Activities

Flag Football Belt–Bonding Simulation Activity

Allow students to experience bonding the way an atom would with this interactive activity! Using flag football belts, simulate up to three different types of bonds (metallic, covalent, and ionic) while giving students a chance to get up out of their chairs and interact.

Download the handout here

Celebrity Talent and Personality Ashby Plot– Property Comparison Activity

Give students the chance to see how materials selection based on tradeoffs and reading Ashby diagrams works by creating their own– using celebrities. This is an excellent transition into talking about the design project or engineering design in general, as it gives the students a real world example of how one might chose a celebrity for a role based on a variety of inputs, not just looks or talent. This is also an excellent icebreaker for the classroom that gets the students talking.

Download the handout here

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